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A Buddhist funeral is a lot different from a Christian funeral service. Buddhist believe in reincarnation and their funeral service and rites and rituals also incorporate actions that support their belief. So, if you know nothing about Buddhist beliefs about death and what happens at their funeral service, here is a guide that will help you understand all about Buddhist funerals and traditions. Read on and follow the Buddhist funeral etiquettes while attending the funeral

Buddhist after Death Beliefs

The Buddhist after death belief is similar to Hindu and Sikh after death beliefs. They also believe that the deceased’s soul will reincarnate and the deceased will be reborn in another realm depending on their deeds. There are six realms and the deceased will go to a realm according to his deeds and the main goal is to achieve nirvana which can only be achieved by leaving behind worldly desires.

What Happens At Buddhist Funerals?

The Buddhist funeral is a very simple and dignified ceremony. There is a Buddhist funeral ritual ceremony a night before the cremation which is usually conducted at the wake. The mourning family sits in front of the room and greets the visitors. The visitors can view the deceased and pay their respect at the altar. There is some incense burning and offerings such as flowers and fruits present at the altar.

The Buddhist funeral is conducted before the cremation and is led by a monk. You can also do the viewing and pay your respect on a funeral day as there is a viewing glass panel for deceased whom choose to be embalmed. You can quietly walk to the altar with your head bowed and hands in front in a praying position.

The ceremony is led by a monk who reads religious sermons and chants (sutras) for the deceased. The attendees of the funeral follow the monk in chanting but if you are not familiar with the chants, you can stay quiet.

After the funeral service is completed, the casket is sealed and transported to the cremation place and the mourners proceed behind the casket to the crematorium.

Buddhist Cremation

Buddhist around the world prefer cremation as the Buddha was himself cremated. However, some Buddhists choose embalmment or burial as well. After the funeral ceremony is completed, the casket is transferred to the crematorium and the mourners follow the casket to the crematorium. The family of the deceased can and cannot attend the cremation depending on their wish.

Buddhist Funeral Etiquettes

Just like any other religious funeral, at a Buddhist funeral, you need to follow some etiquette to avoid hurting the sentiments of the mourners and the grieving family.

What to wear at a Buddhist funeral

Just like any other religion’s funeral, you are required to follow certain etiquette to attend a Buddhist funeral to avoid harming the sentiments of mourners. The etiquettes may slightly vary from country to country but Buddhist mourners normally wear white attire and attendees are expected to wear simple black or dark colour clothing. No bright colours should be worn and you must also not wear any expensive piece of clothing or jewellery as it is considered a way of showing your wealth and will hurt the grieving family’s sentiments.

What to do at the Buddhist funeral?

Upon reaching the funeral venue, you will quietly walk to the altar and slightly bow in front of the casket with your hands in a praying position or light up a joss sticks to pay respect to the deceased. After that, you can find a place to get seated. The funeral proceedings are conducted by monks and you can follow them in their chants or remain quiet according to your wish.

Condolence flowers and donations

Condolence flowers and donations are acceptable at a Buddhist funeral. White is the most common funeral flower colour and you can mix it with other colours as well. But make sure there is nothing red. Vegetarian Food is most preferred  at a Buddhist funeral but avoid red colour with it as well. Place your flowers, gifts, and donation at the reception table near the altar at the funeral venue.

Buddhist Funeral Planning

Arranging a funeral and wake for the deceased is not easy for the deceased’s family. And that is why many families choose Buddhist funeral homes to arrange the funeral services and wake to honour the deceased. They will take care of all the arrangements and if you have any special requirements or instructions, you can convey them to them. The funeral home will arrange the ceremony just the way you want it to be.

So, if you are looking for a trustable Buddhist funeral home in Singapore, SingaporeBereavement Planners is here to help you. We specialize in Buddhist funerals, cremation, and wake services. All you need to do is convey your wishes and requirements and leave the rest to us. We promise to provide you with the best services.

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