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Advance Funeral Planning

Preparing for the final departure will never be a tedious task. With our dedicated 3-parts advance funeral blueprint, you can rest assured that our team will ease the process for you and your loved ones. Leave a Legacy and not a burden.

You plan ahead because you love those you leave behind. You plan ahead for your old-age parents because you love them and want their last wishes to be fulfilled. Funerals can be complicated procedures when no specific instructions are left behind. How about leaving clear instructions for your loved ones? We are here to assist. We fulfill your last wishes in funeral planning. We assist to save on costs. Our dedicated team is here to assist, ensuring you have total peace of mind when death happens.

Advance Funeral Planning Consultation

Heart to Hear talk session

Knowing your needs, identifying your needs, understanding your needs is the 1st step to advance funeral planning. Answering your doubts about funeral planning myths, funeral traditions practices, and funeral customary is part of the session. And finally, budgeting the funeral so as not to burden your family. We show you how you can save more by planning in advance for an inevitable journey. Fill up the attached forms for a non-obligation quotation or make an appointment with us at WhatsApp 90470404, quote “advance funeral planning – appointment”.

Will writing & estate planning

We take care of living Will and Estate planning too. With our panel lawyer, you can rest assured that the written Will is done by a professional with years of experience in handling family complication assets allocation. Not only that, but we also assist you with the application for Grant- of- Probate and Letter of Admission.


  • Finally, the work is not done until we evaluate the whole plan every 3years.
  • Wishes may change. The wreath Photo and Clothing to be worn may change.
  • We walk the journey before and after with you and your loved ones.

Things to Consider for Advance Planning

Religion – What is your religion? Funeral rituals are conducted based on religion.

Location of wake – Void deck, Parlour, or Landed Housing estate.

Duration of wake – Usually a wake is held for 3 to 7 days.

Niche, final resting place – Columbarium, Cemetery, Sea burial or inland ashes scattering.

Photo for photo wreath at the wake – Provide us with your favorite image of yourself, refresh the image every 3years through our evaluation session.

Keepsake – Leave a handwritten note, time capsule email, a piece of jewelry, timepiece, favorite clothing for your family or friends.

Budget – Knowing the cost and who to pay.

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