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Planning a funeral is not a thing that someone will happily do and that is why we are here to assist you with our professional knowledge and service. We are sure you like to honour your loved one and want to arrange the funeral as per his/her last wish, here are a few tips that can help you make decision for a funeral service.

Decide the type of service

There is no right and wrong in the type of service you choose for the deceased. It purely depends on the family, friends, or the deceased (according to his wish) to decide which type of service would be best for you.

  • You can arrange a funeral at the church followed by burial at the cemetery or cremation at Mandai Crematorium and Columbarium Complex.
  • A memorial service can be held concurrently during the funeral wake, be it at the Church, home or funeral parlour. Putting up photos montage or sharing eulogy is part of a memorial service. At Singapore Bereavement Planners, we have a special way to remember the deceased during the funeral wake. Contact us thru whatsapp or call us to know more.
  • Or you can choose a simple send-off with no funeral wake. A direct funeral cremation with prayer and sermons service can also be done.

Choose a Funeral Date and Venue

Next, you should choose a funeral date and venue. Christian funerals can be held after someday of the demise. So, you choose the funeral date according to the family’s wishes. Also, there is no restriction on the venue of a Christian funeral; it can be held at a church,  at the deceased’s home or funeral parlour. You just need to keep in mind the number of attendees. For large gatherings, a church or ground would be a good option.

Don’t forget to publish the obituary and mention the dress code (this is more to the western culture)and type of service you are planning.

Plan The Funeral Or Memorial Service

If you have decided to arrange a funeral service or memorial service, here are a few steps to help you plan it the best way possible:

1. Choose a Minister

First things first, choose a minister for the funeral service. A minister is a person who officiates the funeral service. It can be a priest, family member, friend, or a random person.

2. Choose the funeral music

Music is also played during a Christian funeral and you can choose from religious music played by a choir or the deceased’s favourite songs. Funeral services are held in memory of the deceased and that is why many people choose to play the deceased’s favourite songs and music at the funeral to pay him respect along with religious funeral music. We have a range of music to recommend to you too.

3. Choose the funeral hymns

Christian funeral service is incomplete without one or two funeral hymns sung by the congregation. Just like funeral music, there are no restrictions in choosing funeral hymns. You can choose from a wide range of funeral hymns. You can also give respect to the deceased by choosing his favourite hymns. Most commonly used funeral hymns – “Amazing Grace”.

4. Choose readings and poems

Religious readings and poems are also an integral part of a Christian funeral service. They put some light on life and death and are also a great way to reflect the deceased’s beliefs and meaning of life. The readings and poems read at the funeral can not only be religious, you can also select the deceased’s favourite poem or parts from his favourite books.

5. The eulogy

The eulogy is a speech in remembrance of the deceased and is usually written and delivered by a close family member or friend of the deceased. There can be more than one eulogy but keep in mind the time limit of your funeral venue.

Plan The Burial or Cremation

Some planning needs to be done for the burial also.

1. Burial or cremation

Burial and cremation both are allowed in the Christian religion.

2. Grave marker

You should also arrange a grave marker, tombstone, headstone according to the wishes of the deceased or the family of the deceased. Don’t forget a headstone or grave marker with a message from the family.

Flowers and Donations

People often send condolence flowers to pay respect to the deceased and offer support to the grieved. You can mention the funeral place in the obituary to send funeral flowers. Or if you prefer donations over funeral flowers, you can also mention it in the obituary with the preferred method.

Christian Wake Service

A funeral service is incomplete without a wake. It is usually arranged at the deceased’s home, funeral parlour or at any convenient location. A Christian wake service is a celebration of the life of the deceased and all family members and friends are invited to celebrate the life of the dead. Choose a menu according to your wish and inform the attendees about the dress code of the wake.

We hope our guide will help you plan a funeral service. At Singapore Bereavement Planners we help you plan and arrange a funeral just according to your wish. Feel free to contact us for more information about our funeral services and Christian funeral package.

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