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A non-religious funeral, a Free thinker funeral. As a Free thinker, there’s no restriction on the number of days to be held for the wake. Burial or Cremation can be done.

Advance planning is getting more welcome these days. Pre-planning a funeral suits your needs and suits your last wishes, it is also a responsible act. If you ever need to decide how you want your loved ones to celebrate their last journey in life, it will never be an easy task. But it is a decision worth making. Leaving down a clear instruction is an act of love for your family after you pass on. It also relieves your family from stressful funeral arrangements and the financial burden that comes with this. You have the choice of specific last wishes for your funeral. Putting a funeral plan will ensure your wishes are honored when the time comes. Contact us now to learn more!

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3 Days at void deck cost $4300

5 Days at void deck cost $4800

  • Funeral DirectorTo assist in booking of cremation slots, making all necessary arrangements and consultation of funeral procedures.
  • Pall-Bearer servicesCollection of the deceased body from the place of death, Hospital or Home. Transportation service to bring the deceased body back to our parlour for embalming, make-up and shower. Transportation service to bring the deceased body back to the funeral venue. Transportation service to bring a choice of Casket to the funeral venue. Pall-Bearer to present encoffining service. One service staff on the last night of the funeral.
  • Funeral dayPall-Bearer and transportation to the crematorium on the day of the funeral.
  • CasketA 6-sided economy coffin. Simple Polished Wood Cremation half-glass coffin.
  • HearseA Glass Hearse.
  • EmbalmingCosmetic make-up, shower and Embalming service.
  • Tentage 1 set of standard tent setups for the casket area. Carpet flooring and curtains in the casket area. 2 pieces of surrounding canvas. 1 piece of cooking area canvas 10 round tables, 15 square tables and 80 plastic chairs 2 big fans, 4 small fans and general lighting.
  • Toilet1 portable plastic toilet.
  • Fridge1 portable fridge.
  • Decorationthe decoration setup and backdrop.
  • Photo Enlargement1 enlarged photograph with 10 inch by 12-inch wooden frame. 6 pieces of passport-sized photographs.
  • Flower arrangement1 photo flower wreath. 1 table bouquet.
  • Bus charter1 air-conditioned bus to the crematorium and back. (35 to 40 pax capacity)
  • Complimentary services – Complimentary Ash Collection Services. Complimentary Condolence book. Complimentary Condolence safe book. Complimentary Funeral notice at the wake.

** Other Costs excluded from the free thinker funeral package. Cremation Fee of deceased. *Others Items needed for encoffining necessities, (eg: t-shirts) will be charged on a consignment basis. *Additional Food and drinks will be charged on a consignment basis. *No-hidden cost or GST.*Optional to upgrade Casket. *Package price excludes purchase of Urn, Niche space and Marble Inscriptions.

One of the most difficult things people encounter while arranging funerals is that they are not aware of the steps and procedures. They do not know which funeral company they should hire or who they should ask for help. We are here to offer you quality funeral services for free thinkers during these tough times.

We aim to plan the best free funeral services in Singapore, providing you the excellent services in all possible ways. You will be provided with everything without any hassle in a timely manner. Our team of professionals will utilize all their capabilities in making your experience with us rememberable. You can also get a personalized funeral, adding extra details of your own choice. This is also one of the best ways to send the departed soul the love and honor it deserves. Also, our services are available at much cheaper rates, we do not charge GST or service charges.

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We know that planning funerals is never easy, so we are available for your help 24/7. You can easily reach us at any time of day or night. Our team will respond to your queries and help you get through these tough times. Contact us at Careline: 61000566

Frequently Asked Questions

A funeral that reflects the beliefs and values of individuals who identify as Free Thinkers or hold secular humanist views. The beliefs are on reason, evidence, and critical thinking rather than relying on religious or supernatural beliefs.

There are many, such as

  • Absence of Religious Rituals
  • Non-religious Celebrants
  • Humanistic Values
  • Focus on Celebration of Life
  • Secular Symbolism
  • Inclusive and Open Environment
  • Minimal Supernatural References
Individuals who base their beliefs on reason, evidence, and critical thinking, rather than relying on religious or supernatural beliefs.

There are no specific venues as these funerals are diverse and personalized. So these funerals can be held in a variety of venues depending on the preferences of the deceased and their family.

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