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A Direct Funeral is a funeral without holding a wake. Also known as straight cremation funeral.

The procedure is usually done within a day. Once we able to claim the deceased body and received the death certificate, we are able to do cremation on the same day. Ashes collection are usually arranged the next day. Likewise for burial funeral, there’s an option for direct funeral, also known as straight cremation funeral.

Higher costing for burial funeral, due to the scarcity of burial spaces in Singapore, its 20% more costly with burial funeral as comparing to cremation funeral. Most of the Singaporean will opt for cremation funeral.

Direct Cremation Service

A Direct Cremation is a regular cremation without a funeral wake service. The services provided as part of the Direct Cremation Package will vary, due to costing for cremation fees and doctor’s fees. Direct cremation is a low-cost alternative to a holding of wake.

What can I still do for Direct Funeral Cremation Services?

– Simple send-off at most preferred crematorium hall, Mandai Crematorium and Columbarium Complex, address, 300 Mandai Road Singapore 779393.

– All religion funeral ritual chanting / prayers ceremony can be carryout. Fee ranges from $250 to $350.  

– Flower or food offering during the direct cremation ceremony is allow. 

– Enlargement of photos for ceremony purpose.

– Tablet prayer during ceremony and transferring to post funeral prayer venue.
example: 49days prayer services, known as 安灵 ‘Anling’.  

– For deceased who are single and without next-of-kin (NOK), we are providing pro-bono funeral service. 

– Lastly a dignity casket is provided for Direct Funeral Cremation. 

Direct Funeral Cremation does not stop you from holding a funeral wake ceremony or memorial service after the cremation is done. Instead, it enables you more flexibility in how, where, and when you celebrate the life of your loved one.

Ashes memorial service. Holding a memorial service, celebrating life journey with the present of Ashes are an option for Direct Funeral Cremation Service. You may opt for the memorial service to be in a church, at a private place, at home or funeral parlour. 

If you feel a direct funeral cremation is right for you, you can choose to do advance planning also known as pre-planning funeral. Deciding how you want your loved ones to celebrate your life isn’t easy. But it is a decision worth making. Leaving down a clear instruction is an act of love for your family after you pass on. it also relieves your family from stressful funeral arrangements and the financial burden that comes with this. You have the choice to specific last wishes for your funeral. Putting a funeral plan will ensure your wishes are honored when the time comes. Contact us now to learn more!

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