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A Complete Guide to Organizing a Buddhist Funeral Service in Singapore

According to Buddhist beliefs, they will mark this as the beginning of a new rebirth after a person’s death. The rebirth of a deceased person is determined according to their deeds. Many Buddhists believe in karma and as well as its effect on rebirth.

We all know living in a world-class city, Singapore, can be costly. We all make adjustments in our lifestyle to live in this city. Is organizing a Buddhist Funeral Service in Singapore easy? Thankfully, the answer is Yes!

You can organize a funeral without incurring too much financial burden. Singapore Bereavement Planners assist you in organizing a funeral for your loved one they deserve. In this guide, know how to hold Buddhist Funeral Singapore!

What do Buddhists believe in Funeral Service?

Do you know what Buddhists believe in funeral service? When a Buddhist passes away, a deceased person’s friends and families will hold the funeral services for two purposes: to help the dead soul have a peaceful transition to the afterlife and to provide a chance to grieve to the relatives.

Samsara is a part of the religious belief known as the cycle of death and rebirth. Scripture chanting is frequently played during the funeral to ensure a calm and peaceful transition for the deceased person into the new life. Besides, monks may serve as the chief celebrants of performing essential rituals.

Common Traditions of Buddhist Funerals

In a Buddhist funeral, the yellow and white tentage is arranged for the entire area if it’s held at a void deck. Many Buddhists believe that white colour symbolize for purity and yellow colour symbolize for enlightenment and sympathy. The photo of a dead person along with the fruits, flowers, buddha statues or images placed in front of a casket.

At Buddhist funerals, only vegetarian meals will be served. It is common to perform Buddhist blessing rites and prayers every seven days until the 49th day of the deceased person passing away. Besides, it also performed on the 100th day.

Many believe that accumulated good karma will help the deceased soul in their afterlife journey. It is the only reason that loved ones of a deceased person will perform good deeds and prayers or blessings to help the dead soul gain the merits.

Complete Guide to Hold a Funeral in Singapore

Death Registration

The first thing you should do is register a person’s death to acquire a Certificate of Cause of Death. This document is essential that will be required to perform various actions such as closing bank accounts, claiming insurance, etc.

Certificate of Cause of Death

If your loved one passes away in the hospital, it will be no charge to issue a Certificate of Cause of Death. If the person passes away at home, you have to engage with a doctor to certify the death. It will cost around S$200 to S$300.


Natural death doesn’t require an autopsy. If unnatural death has happened, an autopsy performs under the Coroner’s Act to determine the cause of death.

Hold a Buddhist Funeral Service

The next step is to hold a funeral service for friends and families to pay their last respect. The type and duration of the funeral are the factors that will help you to determine the cost.

3 Day Memorial Service

The memorial service will hold for three days, but if you want to hold a memorial for several days, you can. You must get permission from National Environment Agency (NEA) if it exceeds seven days.

Singapore Bereavement Planners provides the best Buddhist funeral packages, which includes the following:

  1. Casket
  2. Religious items for decoration and worship
  3. Deceased person’s photo frame
  4. Refreshments or meals for everyone
  5. Rental and setup of tentage, chairs, and tables
  6. Religious leaders to perform rituals
  7. Portable toilets
  8. Floral arrangement

Sending Off the Deceased Person

Sending off the deceased person included in the memorial service- whether they want to be the person buried or cremation. People will have a choice to choose between burial and cremation in Singapore.

Due to the scarcity of land in Singapore, many people prefer cremation in comparison to a burial. Now, it has become common among people in Singapore.


Funerals are unfortunate, so having accurate information will help you to perform the funeral of your loved one properly. This guide will help you to organize a Buddhist Funeral Singapore without any problem!

Singapore Bereavement Planners believes in providing the best, most dignified, and meaningful Buddhist Funeral Service so your loved one will rest in peace. Our team will provide the essential items you need to hold a Buddhist funeral ceremony. In addition, we will take care of the other arrangements, such as transferring the body, booking the crematorium, arranging all the necessary things etc.

To know more about the service, engage with our team!

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