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Given the large number of funeral services in Singapore, selecting the right bereavement services provider can add further distress to an already difficult time. Singapore Bereavement Planners provide reliable funeral services in Singapore. 

We have been providing a dignified and perfect send-off for loved ones in Singapore for 15 years. Our experience, knowledge, and expertise make us the service of choice for individuals seeking assistance in emotionally overwhelming times.

Our funeral packages are designed to cater to all the pertinent aspects of funeral arrangements and send-off. We strive to ensure your loved ones receive exceptional care. Contact us today and let us know how we can be of assistance. 

Transparent Pricing Package

Funeral Services Packages for Every Budget

Planning a funeral does not have to be a financial burden! We offer transparent prices for our funeral services so you can bid farewell to your loved ones with love and dignity according to your cultural and religious values and not be overwhelmed by the financial aspects.

Plan funeral services in Singapore with Singapore Bereavement Planners

Let us help you say goodbye to your loved ones and give them a dignified departure so you can commemorate the legacy they have left behind. We are committed to providing you with all the support, advice, and guidance you need to navigate through grief and support you as you cope with your loss. 

Feel free to reach out to us for more information or to discuss your specific needs and concerns regarding funeral arrangements. We are here to assist you through this difficult time.

We walk the journey with you. Our expertise.

Personalized service

The Challenges Of Accepting Death And going through Grief Is Never Easy. And With The Responsibility To Arrange A Funeral Wake For Your Love Ones Maybe A Stressful Event. At Singapore Bereavement Planners We Walk With You, Hearing What You Need And Provide Timely Response Is Our Priority.

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Our Ethics code ensure that we serve you with professional, respect, integrity, value and fairness.

Transparency pricing

Rest assured that, the price we quoted are of the items we provided. There's no hidden cost, no GST for our funeral package. We commit what we quoted to you.

Post-funeral service

As a Professional funeral director, we are familiar with Chinese culture and Familiar with each Religious rituals. We will advise you of the needed prayer dates and items without spending over your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Singapore Bereavement Planners, we specialize in various funeral services packages, including Buddhist, Taoist, Roman Catholic, Christian, and Free Thinker funeral packages. Each funeral package is designed to meet the specific cultural and religious needs of the departed and their grieving families. Please check our funeral services package details for further information.

At Singapore Bereavement Planners, our mission is to provide affordable and honourable funeral packages to grieving families. We are aware of the financial and emotional challenges during such times of distress. It is why we strive to offer the most economical solutions through our transparent pricing without compromising respect for the departed and the quality of bereavement services. Our funeral packages start from $1388. Please check this link for detailed package prices.

Yes, we offer personalised services to cater to the unique needs and preferences of each family and incorporate your requests into our primary funeral services package. Our team will walk the journey with you to ensure we take in every detail and understand your requirements to provide a timely response whereby every aspect throughout the funeral process is as per your requirements. 

As experienced funeral service providers, we are familiar with various cultural and religious rituals and offer guidance on needed prayer dates and items after the funeral. We facilitate you throughout the post-funeral period with the utmost professionalism and cultural thoughtfulness while keeping your budget in consideration. 

Yes, we offer pre-planning services, so you have complete control over deciding all the arrangements and what should be done after your demise. This includes decisions for asset distribution and selecting the religious rites for the funeral. You can conveniently set aside funds for requisite funeral expenses so that not only is your family relieved of the stress of planning your funeral but also the financial expenses. 

We go beyond the basic service premises to link you with professionals for assistance with will planning, writing, and asset distribution.

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